Bansko Snow report

Bansko snow report is favorable for one-third of the year



While the season is far from being the longest for winter sports activity in Bulgaria, there are still three to four and a half months available for skiing and snowboarding on the slopes of the most prominent resorts in the country. The specifics of nature make it hard to compete with places in Austria and Switzerland, for example, situated above 3000 m above the sea level and providing suitable conditions for skiers from October to early May or even longer period – year-round availability attracts guests to the Alps. But on the other hand, the leading Bulgarian winter complexes stand taller than the top ski resort in Slovenia where the altitude rarely goes higher than 1500 m, 2000 m at best.


Surely, Bansko snow report is better based on that factor. Even the base station of the Gondola lift is located nearly 1 km in height and the ski zone reaches up to 2550 m above the sea level, just below the Todorka Peak. So if the weather does not turn to be unusually warm between December and April, the cover on the hills would be white for the greater period during the winter. If the snowfall happens to be insufficient anyway, around 200 canons wait installed around the pistes to provide with artificial snow.


The weather report is updated several times a day


Looking for a general forecast to plan the winter holidays is what practically everyone does before going to book a suite. But searching for info in advance isn’t enough and the data has to be served to the customers and guests before and throughout their vacation. In terms of that Bansko snow report provide with timely submitted information regarding the conditions on the slopes – the proof is here. The data concerning all six major points of the largest ski zone in Pirin mountain is to be found in the weather report and the numbers are different in the morning and in the afternoon, it’s easy to check.


Thanks to the well constructed and coordinated system skiers can see is there enough snow in the area or if the “powder”, the fresh snow is available and what is its thickness. Bansko snow report will show if the conditions are too harsh to challenge your skills near the Todorka Peak or if the temperature is too high in the footsteps of the resort – there might be too much of the slush cover in Chalin Valog region. Only an example though, the trails in Bansko are excellently prepared for the bigger part of the season which rarely lasts less than one-third of a year.

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