Bulgaria Winter Holidays

Ski resorts in Bulgaria – quick look, tips and advice

Since there are almost 40 mountain ranges on the territory and they host about 50 winter sports zones, it’s no wonder that in Bulgaria skiing is popular among thousands of people. The tradition of snowy competition and recreation is relatively young and yet strong. Most of the zones for skiing in Bulgaria were developed in the second half of the 20th century. These days the country is increasingly recognized as a primary winter destination, especially for budget-oriented vacations.


Save money – book Bulgaria ski holidays!

Borovets Ski Resort
Borovets Ski Resort

A winter vacation might cost a small fortune and is not affordable for a working-class family. This story is a common theme regarding the funds needed for one week at the French or Swiss Alps, for example. Making a reservation for Bulgaria ski holidays is one of the top alternatives for a low-cost winter break. The Early Birds have the chance to book the accommodation for as low as 250 GBP per person for a whole week! The price will rise as the season approaches, but Bulgaria skiing vacation will still cost twice or thrice as cheaper compared to most of the Alpine destinations.

Situated in the South Eastern corner of Europe, the country might seem like being on the edge of the world for a western traveler. Well, anyone flying from the United Kingdom will reach Bulgaria for less than three hours. The main airport is located in the state’s capital. It’s easy to book a seat on the plane to Sofia, and from there on the nearest resort of the Top 3 Bulgaria skiing destinations is Borovets. The transfer from the biggest city to the oldest winter resort will take less than an hour and a half. The time to reach Bansko – the most famous pick among the Bulgaria ski holidays, is twice as long. Pamporovo is situated even further from Sofia. There are charter flights to Plovdiv to accommodate with the vacation in the Rhodopes resort, but the plane ticket might cost a lot more and dismiss the savings you would make booking Bulgaria skiing vacation.


There is no year-round skiing in Bulgaria

Bansko Ski Resort
Bansko Ski Resort

And still, the season is long enough. The official kick-off at the Top3 resorts– Bansko, Borovets, and Pamporovo, usually happens in the middle of December, but the weather condition might be favorable for activity on the slopes in the last days of November. The busiest time for Bulgaria skiing zones is in January and February which is the typical scenario in Europe. March also might suit well those who are eager for a late-winter vacation, and if the spring lags a week or two, there might be snow on the runs even in mid-April. The altitude of the previously mentioned areas for skiing in Bulgaria is higher than 1000 m and goes up to 2400-2500 m above the sea level. It means that the steepest runs in Bansko and Borovets hold the snow for longer. There are hundreds of cannons prepared to charge the trails with fresh “powder” if there is no sufficient (or any) snowfall at the moment.

Speaking of the difficulty of the tracks, Bulgaria skiing features rank the country in the middle of the scale. It’s not too simple, yet is rarely too hard. Plenty of space is available for the rookies, even if the percentage of the Green tracks is more than two times lower than the Blue one (light pistes for intermediate skiers and snowboarders). There are several Black type runs in every resort of the leading three, and probably the most famous of these courses is the one named after Alberto Tomba in Pirin Mountain. Bansko resort has the most extended total of Alpine runs – more than 75 km.

snowboarding in bulgaria ski resorts
snowboarding in Bulgaria

Cross country skiing in Bulgaria is better suited in the area of Borovets with 30 km ski paths and over 90 km of combined length including the slopes for slalom. Pamporovo falls behind so far. However, the plans for the Rhodopes Mountain zone see it merging full-scale with Mechi Chal resort. So far both areas are connected only by shuttle buses, but the expansion is in the making – lifts and ski runs will make links between these two resorts to make it the most significant winter sports zone in the country and the region.

The competition among the Top 3 creates the opportunity for the travelers to book the stay on lower prices. There is no compromise with the quality anyway, and that’s why Bulgaria ski holidays deliver the visitors with a great value.

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