The best Summer holidays to Sunny Beach from Balkan Holidays

This is why we love holidays to Sunny Beach, Bulgaria

If the stats represent the reality, it’s more than luck and coincidence – there must be a reason why the number of people choosing Sunny Beach, Bulgaria holidays increases summer after summer. The number of people coming from abroad probably has made the place known as Slanchev Bryag in its native language, especially when counting the Brits in the recent decades. So let’s try to give the answer by their words. The characters below are fictional but the stories are real.


The cheapest resort on the sea

sunny beach is a real deal!

This is what Kevin from Midlands would say. And not just him – holidays in Bulgaria, Sunny Beach specifically has been proclaimed best ranked in terms of value for money. Kevin had to pay less than 30 GBP on a daily basis for his week-long vacation last year and the research conducted by Post Office confirms the numbers. A three-course meal takes around 10 pounds and the local beer usually costs less than a pound.


The accommodation is a real bargain


What makes Joan from Bristol area considering to return after the 2017 first visit are the hotels in Bulgaria, Sunny Beach especially being a positive example to point at. There are more than 50 places to stay in every category and most of the rooms are located not more than 10 minutes away from the Black Sea. Sunny Beach all-inclusive prices go down as 300 GBP or even lower for 7 days if three or four people are booked at once. While the heroes in this story are fictitious to some extent (the names has been made up but not the real persons), the deals provided by Balkan Holidays  for are nothing less than real hits.


The nice sands and the warm water


Edinburgh born Mick has had enough of rocky shores and in Bulgaria holidays Sunny Beach awarded him with genuine and unexpected revelation. The beach is more than two miles long and as much as 100 yards wide – a man from Scotland hadn’t even dreamed of such venue available to lay on the sunbed. The sand is nice and tender, the water holds the temperature above the 20 degrees Celsius for more than a quarter of the year, storms and rainfalls happen rarely in the area, especially during the summer. Hotels in Bulgaria – Sunny Beach, in this case, have pools installed within their area if the waves occur to be high and the sea turn to be dangerous.


The scenery is great and there is plenty to go around

Bulgaria's beauty is endless!

Margaret was amazed to realize that there is much more than the beach to enjoy during the holidays in Bulgaria Sunny Beach focused. This lady from Wigan booked a room after seeing an ad on the internet but she discovered that next to Slanchev Bryag is located the beautiful town Nessebar which impressed her and her husband with the history dating back 3000 years ago. During the vacation, the couple made a trip to the nearest bigger city Bourgas and it turned to a wonderful whole day trip. Other interesting sites happen to be within reach for about half-hour ride. This is the time for the transfer from the Bourgas airport to Sunny Beach.


Join the 24/7 party


Well, if you ever have heard anything about Sunny Beach, Bulgaria holidays, was it linked with the stories about the vibrant nightlife? Probably the answer is “Yes” and so was the case of Jimmy from Camdon. While the dream of Ibiza was hard to afford, thanks to his fellow Bobby he found out about that the stories of the parties going on the Black Sea coast are not imaginary matter. Some would say that the alcohol consumption and the club tours reach beyond excess but nobody is forced to drink and dance all night. And the wild behavior is rarely allowed to go beyond normal.


Did you believe these stories? There are hundreds of people to confirm every reason mentioned in this article. But the most important person you trust is you. And you will have the proof if the stories are wrong or right in case of booking Sunny Beach, Bulgaria hotels for yourself.



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