Dubrovnik is one of the top summer destinations

Top 5 destinations for a summer holiday

Everyone could easily name five prominent seaside resorts in Europe. Starting with Ibiza, for example, followed by St. Tropez, Amalfi, Algarve, Santorini… Just a random pick, you might choose other destinations with a distinctive recognition among the travelers all around the globe. But what about a list consisted of towns like Dubrovnik, Split, Budva, Sunny Beach, Nessebar. You didn’t expect that, right? But if you dare to choose the Croatia all-inclusive opportunities, it might be one of the greatest surprising rewards in your lifetime touristic experience.


  1. Dubrovnik


The pearl of the gorgeous long and curvy Adriatic coastline, this is the seaside destination of the highest demand on the Western Balkans shores as a whole. The more the summer season comes near, the harder it gets to make a reservation there. There is always some gem left available on the market anyway if you know where to look for it but the sooner you check for the possible picks, the better the chance is to book an all-inclusive holiday to Croatia of the highest class with a great ratio of money for the quality.


The old castles still standing make Dubrovnik so charming and the fame of the town increased even more in the recent years when these venues were employed as a stage for filming the Game of Thrones saga. But feeling like King’s Landing wouldn’t attract tens of thousands of people every year if it wasn’t for the beach. The Adriatic Sea warmly welcomes the guests from late-May to mid-September and Dubrovnik combines the best of both worlds in the list of the all-inclusive Croatia deals.


  1. Split


The second most populous city in Croatia might be considered too big for a nice summer vacation but is it that big anyway? The local population does not exceed  300 thousand inhabitants metro area with all urban area included so it’s not some busy and nervous megalopolis. Well, Split gets crowded during the hottest season of the year because of the picturesque beauty of the shores and the treasures of the city itself – all deserve the visit and the stay for a week indeed. Considering Croatia summer all-inclusive booking, Split and the area around can be a great competition to the fame of Dubrovnik.


  1. Budva


The Adriatic Sea actually spans the territories of six countries and the longest line of it belongs to Italy. On the Balkans siting, Croatia all-inclusive picks might be the most popular in the region but are not the only option. With less than 300 km on the sea, six-fold shorter than its neighbor to the North-West, Montenegro has all to make the travelers fall in love with it. The most alluring option there is undoubtedly the town of Budva. The mountains kiss the sea to create the unique landscape and atmosphere in and around the most prominent Montenegrin seaside resort.


  1. Sunny Beach


Searching for a cheap all-inclusive, Croatia probably wouldn’t be what you look. Or at least the Adriatic pride has been surpassed in terms of affordability by the Black Sea resorts. Bulgarian Sunny Beach tops the ranks of the best-valued summer destinations and such statement was sanctioned by the Post Office research conducted last year. The great 8 km long sand strip and the famous Cacao Beach party zone contributed to the rising popularity of this resort.


  1. Nessebar


Aiming to find a place with the scent of history and old culture like Dubrovnik but cheaper and not so crowded, you might consider a reservation to Nessebar. Similar to the adventure of going to all-inclusive holiday in Croatia, the Bulgarian town represents an option to mix the visit in an ancient area with the fun and relaxation on the beach.


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