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5 Great Activities You Can Do For Free In Any City

Traveling around the world is great but it comes with a price. Visiting great cities like Rome or Paris means you have to spend a lot, you will need more cash than usual booking most of the famous seaside resorts like Ibiza, Amalfi, St. Tropez, or Santorini, to name a few. Well, it is not so expensive for holidays in Bulgaria – Golden Sands, for instance, attracts more foreign tourists every year with a low price of accommodation and with plenty of activities that cost cheap… or nothing.


Walk around the town


You don’t need a hint for this one. The walk is free in every city – you can explore Barcelona by foot, you can go around in the colorful and crowded Istanbul. No one charges that. Once again we will point to the holidays in Bulgaria – Golden Sands is the name not only of the biggest seaside resort on the northern part of the country but also the way the nearby natural park is called. You can walk five or minutes from the Golden Sands beach to reach the forest where you can spend hours.


Make a picnic in the park


Following the thread from the Golden Sands beach, we cannot miss this opportunity. Take a blanket with you, find a place to lie on the grass and relax. You can have some snack and a beer or two, or you might prefer to read a book. It’s up to you. Speaking of big cities, this activity is so typical in Vienna and it might happen in London too. Just make sure you don’t leave any mess behind you when you leave. And look for signs – it might not be allowed to have a picnic any place you like.


Connect to the world with a free Wi-Fi


Going abroad might change the way you are connected to the Internet. So tourists look for free Wi-Fi options to avoid the risk of being charged additionally. In Bulgaria, Golden Sands hotels usually grant free of charge Internet connection to the guests who book a room – for a day or a week. In the downtown areas of big cities like Munich or Prague, for instance, the Wi-Fi is available everywhere. If you have a drink at a café ask for the password to connect. When visiting Bulgaria, Golden Sands hotels have to provide you with the details of the Internet access.


Enjoy the street art


Whether it is music or sketches, or graffiti – there is always something interesting when you visit cities like Budapest or Madrid. Well, the artists make a living out of their outdoor activity but it’s up to you to share some cash with them or not. While the street musician deserves the applauds of the audience that changes every minute they can force you to throw a Euro coin in their hats. Well, there are people who push you to take trinkets around the corner of Paris’ Mont-Martres or put bird food in your hand when you visit the Duomo square in Milan. They will want you to pay them after. But this kind of things happens in every tourist destination even around Golden Sands beach.


Swim into the sea


If the city is on the seaside, of course. When you’re on holidays in Bulgaria, Golden Sands, Varna, or Bourgas allow you to plunge into the Black Sea right away. And if you are not using the sunbeds and the parasols on the beach, you don’t have to pay anything. In bigger cities like Thessaloniki or Marseille, on the other hand, the beaches in the urban area are not really recommended to swim around.

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