7 things to do in Nessebar with your family

Heading to the Black Sea and looking for a versatile summer vacation with your family? On the top of the links with a great variety of options to spend a great time stays Nessebar, Bulgaria. Assuming the kin embarks on a week-long adventure, you need to find the suitable accommodation – Balkan Holidays reaches out to you with a helping hand and with the deals for Nessebar hotels that are practically impossible to beat. After you book your apartment, check through the 7 hints to have a great time – one for each day.


Enjoy the beach


Actually, you can do that every day of your vacation and probably this is the main incentive to consider a seaside trip on first place. Nessebar holidays will serve you two sandy strips on the main part of the town, respectively on the northern and the southern section of the shore. The beach is long and wide enough to welcome all the kin with sufficient space. You might occupy neighboring sunbeds – a couple of those combined with a parasol will usually cost not more than 10 GBP per day. Some hotels in Nessebar, Bulgaria provide with special areas steps away from the sea for their guests.


A boat trip


Enjoyable cruises a few miles into the Black Sea come together for Nessebar holidays. Wouldn’t be great to spend several hours on a boat trip with your children and your spouse? You might hire also a water wheel or a pair of jets but be cautious if you are about to attempt such activities with your offspring.


Have fun in the aqua parks


About a dozen zones of such fun can be found in the vicinity of your choice among the Nessebar hotels. Since the town practically merges to some extent with the neighboring resort – Sunny Beach, the greatest number of aqua parks are scattered around there. While the Black Sea is undoubtedly great to swim and relax in, these recreational centers will bring up with some extra fun – especially for the kids.


Watch a movie or go to a gig


Well, the old outdoor cinema is defunct for a long time but there are some other options in Nessebar, Bulgaria. The near located Pomorie – that town stands just fifteen minutes away, provides with regular movie projections. In the recent years, outdoor cinema on tour travels around the coastline and you might be lucky to catch it during your holidays to Nessebar, Bulgaria. Different types of gigs happen during the summer – rock concerts, disco parties, etc. You might argue that the latter isn’t appropriate to attend with children, especially late in the evening. But daylight scenario might work out.


Take a walk around the Old town


Why it took so long to mention the main area Nessebar, Bulgaria is famous for, you might ask and will be perfectly right. The tiny ancient section of the town is linked to the mainland by a narrow strip and is accessible by foot from your Nessebar hotel. The walk around the historic venues that deserved to be recognized significant enough to make the list of UNESCO World Heritage will take two or three hours. Old churches, a part of the medieval fortress still standing, beautiful houses and buildings with unique architecture – don’t dare to miss it.


And don’t miss the local cuisine


Even if the Bulgarian meals might not be that popular, at least a dozen dishes of native origin or borrowed from Balkan neighbors deserve to be tasted. Fish is preferred naturally – it’s a seaside resort. The standard world food is available too. And if you don’t like to spend much in the restaurants, you might think of reservation in some of the all-inclusive hotels in Nessebar, Bulgaria.


Take a trip to Bourgas

This is the biggest city in the south of Bulgarian coastline. About half-hour away from the resort, it makes perfect sense to take a bus or rent a car to visit the place during your holidays to Nessebar, Bulgaria. Bourgas is also the airport you have to book a flight to. Make sure your plane lands there. Haven’t you book a suit yet?



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