Sunny Beach, Bulgaria – Cherry on top!

The Black Sea is often marginalized and underestimated as waters suitable for beach vacations. While the basin that serves as a natural border between Europe and Asia would hardly beat the competition of the much more popular and warmer Mediterranean Sea, with a coastal length of over 4500 km it still has a wide variety of places to spend a wonderful time during the summer. Only five miles of these nearly 3000 belong to Sunny Beach, Bulgaria but nevertheless, this resort represents a primary option for a holiday on the Black Sea. Some would say that Slanchev Bryag as it is called in the native language actually is the cherry on top of every destination located on the shores of this body of water that stands between Eastern Europe and Western Asia.


Go for the best value around the globe


This is not an overstatement but the official information provided last year. The survey conducted by Post Office showed that the best ratio for money spent on the quality on the sea is to be found in Bulgaria – Sunny Beach is the name of the resort. While the research has not included every single place and village that hosts summer vacations around the globe – it will be probably impossible to perform such an enormously massive work, the survey topped Sunny Beach, Bulgaria holidays among 50 different seaside destinations popular on an international level and visited by foreign tourists. The low prices of the accommodation – you can simply check in the list of great offers that Balkan Holidays will give you. This is actually the major reason why the Bulgarian resort jumped on the top of the rankings. Sunny Beach, Bulgaria is the best-valued summer resort because of the cheap food and drinks too.


Turkey might be more notorious to the world as a country providing a long list of available options for affordable summer deals but none of the most popular destinations is situated on the Black Sea. While bigger states like Russia, Ukraine, and Romania also have their resorts on this coastline no resort tops above the qualities of destinations in Bulgaria – Sunny Beach leads the pack but Golden Sands, Albena, Nessebar, and Sozopol also add to the choice of the picks for budget holidays. Russian Sochi might be more famous name than Sunny Beach, Bulgaria but it is much more expensive and the good weather lasts for a shorter term. Odessa area in Ukraine is particularly known to represent a famous seaside destination and also one of the colder zones on the Black Sea. Romania might be a competitor to Bulgaria on the field of the cheap holidays but the number of resorts there is significantly smaller. Batumi is said to be one of the pearls on that coastline but Georgia has not been seen as a land located in the safest region in Europe. Sunny Beach, Bulgaria deals stay on the top of the Black Sea options for a great summertime.


No one can steal the party from Sunny Beach 2018 season

Party-sunny-beach 2018

This is where the leading Bulgarian seaside place runs ahead of the competition by miles. The resort has developed to be one of the most prominent destinations for party vacations – not only in Bulgaria Sunny Beach is a favorite in that niche but even on The Balkans, there is no area to be preferred for that matter. Called the „Eastern European Ibiza“, Slanchev Bryag attracts tens of thousands people choosing the Black Sea to dance on the beach all night.


British youngsters especially love to visit Sunny Beach, Bulgaria because of the cheap drinks and the wide variety of pubs and nightclubs. Cacao Beach is the premium area in the resort – five discos and bars are located only a few steps from the water. The central avenue of the resort is the other lively zone 24 hours per day in the summer.


Mind that Sunny Beach, Bulgaria holidays the fun is not restricted to the nightlife picks. There are several aquaparks in the resort where the families can spend a wonderful day full of joy and excitement. The average price for two parents and two kids will cost around 50-60 GBP and the choice can be made among venues like Pirates of the Caribbean Mini Aqua Park and Kuban Aqua Park.


And as we speak about Sunny Beach 2018, we should mention the beach too. The northern sand strip in the resort has been granted the Blue Flag sign once again recognized as one of the 13 greatest beaches in the country that are proved clean and safe for the tourists. The „sunny“ part in the name was chosen for a good reason since the weather in the summer is particularly favorable. Well, the rains in the late-June 2018 have ruined the party for some of the vacationers but such long-term bad weather streaks happen relatively rare.


Except for the swimming there several other options for enjoyment in the sea. The cruise boats are full of people every day, the VIP catamaran is designed for the wealthier guests. Jetskiing and waterskiing areas always attract a great number of tourists too.


The location made the resort famous too


Built more than six decades ago in Bulgaria, Sunny Beach certain location was no random pick. The resort is situated in a small bay north of Nessebar and just south of the easternmost hills of the Balkan Mountains. Coming from the north the visitor will be charmed driving down and south from the hills to see the dazzling view of Slanchev Bryag. On the other hand, it is more probable to reach the Sunny Beach, Bulgaria traveling from the opposite side if the foreign visitor has opted to fly to the nearest airport in Bourgas. The transfer after or before the flight takes a little more than a half-hour drive and with the Balkan Holidays deal the transportation from and to the airport is granted. In Bulgaria, Sunny Beach is one of the most attractive destination but the area around it also worth the visit.

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